Lataguri-Gorumara-Sightseeing and stay at the best Resort in Lataguri

Lataguri is a upcoming town and a very popular tourist place in India when visit Lataguri stay Pasakha - Resort in Lataguri. Lataguri located in the Jalpaiguri district of Indian state of West Bengal. The Pasakha Resort in Lataguri is located outside the Gorumara National Park on National Highway No. 31. Permits for entering Gorumara and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary are given from Lataguri. In Lataguri has a Nature Interpretation Centre, And Pasakha Inn Resort in Lataguri is located here. A restaurants and Resort Pasakha cater for tourists.
Dooars” the word is derived from the word ‘duar’ or ‘door’. The name signifies its location as a gateway to the hill stations of North Bengal & Sikkim as well as Bhutan and Assam. The 130 X 40 valley is covered with lush green forests and teagardens and intersected by the rivers like Tista, Torsa, Jaldhaka & their innumerable tributaries. It is the home to one horn rhino, gaur and many other rare species. A journey or a safari through these forests will be a life time experience.

Chapramari forests:

Chapramari is very close to our resort in the foothills of Eastern Himalayas. It is situated near the national highway number 31. One can enjoy the serenity of the region. Birds are in plenty and birding is a common sport here. Visit to the greenery in the midst of forests, rivers and wildlife will definitely instill inspiration. Khunia beat is famous for Bison and Elephant herds. A watch tower view is always a sight of elephants, wild boars, birds, peacocks, bisons and many others.

Cooch Behar:

JOne of the historic cities of north east India. The palace of the King a few temples, Rasikbeel, etc. Ruins of the desolate fort named Nalrajar Garh dating to the Gupta Age (4th to 6th century A.D.) in the Chilapata Forest is worth a visit, the dense forest of Chilapata itself is refreshing. To name a few places to visit are Baradebi Bari, Brahmo Mandir, Dangar Ayee Temple, Siddheswari Kali Bari in Coochbehar. Other places of religious tour are Kamteswari Temple in Gosanimari, Madan Mohan Temple in Mathabhanga town, Siddhanath Siva Temple in Dhaluabari, Dham Temple Madhupur, Baneswar Siva Temple in Baneswar and Ardhanariswar Temple are worth a visit. One day excursion from our resort is pleasant and comforting.


Known for the Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. This sanctuary is adjacent to the National Highway number 31 and the entry point is from Madarihat Town, situated in between Hasimara and Birpara. Guest can come across wildlife in this region very often. Bison and elephant herd are the two major attractions. Among other wildlife the mighty bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog deer, reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars, peacocks.

Gorumara National Park:

This forested area is known as the Gorumara National Park. Very close to our resort a bit away from the National highway number 31 is the national park. It is 15 kilometers from Lataguri, 10 kilometers from Chalsa and 52 kilometers from Jalpaiguri. It is primarily known for the breeding of the rare one - horned rhinoceros. On a safari one can spot the Elephant, mighty bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog deer, reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars, peacocks.


Chilapata Forest is a dense natural forest near Jaldapara WLS in Dooars area of West Bengal. It is about 20 kms from Alipurduar town and is within the Jalpaiguri District. A drive through the forests is an enthralling experience. As river Torsa flows down from the hills, it travels through the plains of Dooars dividing a continuous stretch of forest into Jaldapara and Chilapata. Jaldapara has traditionally been a popular destination for tourists for its population of one horned rhino and elephant. Chilapata on the other hand has gained in popularity only in the recent past.

Rocky island:

The picturesque campsite with large rocks in and around is located at Samsing hills by the side of gushing Murty river bend. The place is adorned with the views of massive large rocks like Neel kanta, Pathar Kailas, Bhimsen, Hansdunga etc provides easy climbing practice for everyone with riverside cave to complete the adventure. The campsite provides an excellent opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity and its abundant avifauna of the lower part of Neora Valley National Sanctuary. A small enjoyable trek to nearby spots like Sherpagaon, Bhalukope, Jhandidara and Mo-chuki is an added attraction of this place.


80 kms drive from Siliguri through the rolling hill slopes and green belt of Dooars plains will take you to Samsing. A nice cool shady place at an altitude of 600 meter, Samsing is a newer addition in the North Bengal tourist map for its tranquil landscape and unpolluted surroundings. The horizon extended tea gardens, undulating hill slopes, meandering streams, rural life of simple village people attracting a large number of tourists from different parts of the country. Samsing is an ideal place for those, who are looking for a break from routine city life to enjoy a relaxed vacation in the natural environment.

Chalsa :

Chalsa is a few kilometers from Malbazar on the way to Dooars from Siliguri. The national highway connecting the North-East with West Bengal passes through Chalsa. From here the road to left leads to Samsing which is about 15 km. The road to the right goes to Lataguri (20 km) via Gorumara National Park.
Till only recently the small village was mostly known for the weekly market at Mangalbari Hat and as a stopover for buses plying in Dooar. In the last few years, Chalsa has gained in prominence as a tourist destination due to its proximity to the Gorumara National Park just 10 kms away. There are private accommodations availab


This stretch is adjacent to the river Murti. This region is close to our resort. It is nearly around 8 kilometers away from Chalsa and nearly 60 kilometers away from Jalpaiguri. It is known rather famous for its scenic beauty. This place is located in between Gorumara and Chapramari.

Buxa Duar:

This is one of the most diversified reserves of the area. It is also known as Phipsu on the other side of Bhutan. There is a fort at an altitude of nearly 850 meters on the Sinchula Range. It has one of the routes into Bhutan. It houses a fort built during the British period as the detention camp for freedom fighters during British rule. It is nearly 60 kilometers from Madarihat.


A small picturesque hill village on the Indo-Bhutan border, Bindu is a lesser known tourist destination in the lower Kalimpong foothills.
The small town can be used as a base for several short treks in the lower Kalimpong hills. The most popular one starts from Todey to Tangta and leads towards Nerora Valley National Park.
The area around is famous for cardamom plantation. Apart from agricultural plantations, intercropping inside forest is also common. The kingdom of Bhutan is just on the other side of Jaldhaka river. There is no restriction for locals to cross boarder and villagers from nearby Bhutanese area can be seen visiting the local market to buy essentials.
The principal attraction of the place is its natural beauty. At an altitude of about 800 meters, Bindu is a low altitude hill station. Local people and their culture, forests, river, the Jaldhaka dam nearby makes this place an ideal sojourn for the city dweller.


Jaldhaka is a river that originates near Nathang valley in East Sikkim and passes through Bhutan before entering India again in the Dooars hills. It forms the boarder between India and Bhutan for several kilometers till the river enters Dooars plains where it meets river Jiti near Jiti Tea garden. The river continues to flow through Nagrakata and then through Chapramari and Gorumara forests before meeting River Murti and River Diana and eventually ending its journey in Bangladesh where it meets the mighty river Brahmaputra. The total length of the river is about 200 kms and a major part of this passes through some best tourist destinations of Dooars.
The valley of Jaldhaka, at 1500ft above sea level is a old tourist destination that has gained in prominance in recent past. Situated on the hill section of Gorubathan under Kalimpong Sub-division it is cut off from the rest of the district by a mountain ridge descending south-west from Reche-la and is separated from Bhutan by the De-chu or Jaldhaka River.


Jalpaiguri bears its significance in the international context for providing shelter and protection to various species of wildlife. Jalpaiguri there are very old temples like the Jalpeshwar and Jatileshwar. The temple of Shiva established in the year 1665 by the Cooch king Prannarayan is the attraction.


It is nearly 75 kilometers from Madarihat and Buxa Duar is nearly 10 kilometers from Jayanti. It is a beautiful setting on the bank of river Jayanti with an excellent view of the hills of Bhutan. One can enjoy viewing the flora and fauna of the region, visit Pukhri Pahar, trek to Mahakal cove, trek or drive to Buxa Duar or even visit Bhutan Ghat. Close to Alipurduar this is one of the main attractions of tourist.

Toto Para:

This is a setting in the Dooars with one of the oldest tribe of the region. Toto Para is nearly 30 kilometers from Madarihat. It is a small village on the banks of the Torsha near Bhutan border is the only habitation now of the Dooars aboriginals – the Totos. Their number has dwindled to less than a hundred now. A tea garden near Banarhat also bears the name Toto Para, probably a survival from days when Toto settlements were more numerous.


A travel destination for all tourists located along River Suntala is just at the foot hills, is a picturesque place, a gift of God. Chalsa is a land of lush green tea gardens & greenery on your back from Chalsa a glimpse of a Cheetah or a Herd of Elephants is not very unusual.


Within Kalimpong forest Division is a green valley bordering the territory of Bhutan. River Jaldhaka amid is itself a glamour of its own. Jaldhaka Hydel Project on river Jaldhaka is a site of attraction for all of us. Bindu is the last road head end is another site, the place where Neora Valley National Parks begins.


Other than Buxa Tiger reserve, Jayanti, Cooch Behar and Rasikbeel there are quite a few places of tourist attraction from Alipurduar. Like Nilpara is 27 kilometers away, Chilabata is 20 kilometers and Kodalbasti is 22 kilometers away, Raimatang is 45 kilometers from Alipurduar. Alipurduar is also a great center for activities. There is a nature interpretation center nearby. Bhutan is couple of hour’s journey from this town.


Dalgaon is a town in Darrang district, Assam, India. Dalgaon is one of most populated place of the state Assam 93.82% people out of the total population is educated. It is one of the fastest growing town of the Assam. Approximately, 75% peoples are Muslims, 24.99% are Hindus are 0.01% are Christians.